The Message

When knowledge, skill, and desire just aren’t enough - When a man doesn’t have a job, he can’t afford career-oriented clothes. If a man doesn’t have the right clothes, he can’t get the job. Having knowledge, skill, and desire without the right clothes can lead a man into this Catch 22. It’s a sad statement but true; you have to look the part in order to get a part.

The Overview

Corporate Code is a nonprofit program designed to provide interview appropriate attire and career counseling to displaced and disengaged men in the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia area seeking employment With the growing number of men in need of assistance in transitioning from unemployed to gainfully employment, Corporate Code provided a much need Code to a Second Chance!

The Problem

The Georgia Department of Labor reports that Georgia Men Hit Hardest by Recession:

  • In May 2009, jobless men constituted 57.6 percent of the state’s unemployment insurance population
  • A growing percentage of jobless Georgia males are at-risk of becoming structurally unemployed
  • Men are underrepresented in the state education and training programs
  • Jobless men experience poorer psychological health than unemployed women
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